$00,000. please ph or email
2612P was purchased by HKS engine distributor APSU in may of 2012
to use as a testbed for the 80HP TurboCharged Fuel Injected HKS-700T
The engine conversion was completed in July, and the aircraft was flown
from Flroida to Oshkosh where it operated in and out of the Ultralight 
runway. The aircraft is undergoing progressive improvements, but 
remains on the market. Asking price will vary base on the aircraft
status.  view details and progress HERE
Dakota Hawk
Two-Place EXP Light Sport
Perform and sign off your own maintenance and inspections! (With completion of LS repairman course)
Folding Wings

Continental C-85

This aircraft was built over the last several years and signed off in December of 2009. Currently there are about 70 hours TT on it, including engine SMOH. If you are looking for a "fly right now" airplane with old classic looks and feel, without the 60 or 70 years of age, a Dakota Hawk is perhaps the perfect choice. N2612P flys straight and true with absolutely no bad habits. The new owner of this aircraft should find it much more enjoyable improving cosmetics, and personalizing other details, than dealing with the rust, rot, and corrosion issues common to a 70 year old airplane.