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  Why Green Sky


Service Rates  
Green Sky Services and Technical Consulting are available for wide variety of:
  • Light Aircraft
  • Experimental Aircraft
  • Ultralight
  • Light Sport
  • UAS
  • Other Related Non-Aviation
Technical and Shop services are currently billed at an hourly rate of $65. With Exception of Standard FREE Services 
Projects with anticipated extended duration may be prepaid in “Block Time” of 20 hr increments at $1,000 each.
Hourly or Block Time

HKS and Rotax Technical Services

Green Sky Adventures, Inc. is pleased to provide Overhaul and Technical Services for HKS and Rotax engines. Owners, and prospective owners of HKS and Rotax aircraft engines can receive technical support, FREE OF CHARGE, by phone, email, or in person, on a time permitting basis, These services include technical help with pre purchase, and extend after the sale,  as product support for engines purchased directly from Green Sky Adventures, Inc. That support continues after the sale, and is transferable to future owners with proof of purchase. When available, other owners of HKS Aircraft engines, may purchase in advance, technical or other services as needed, or ask their respective OEM, Dealer or Distributor to purchase these services from Green Sky Adventures, Inc. on their behalf.
Builder Assistance for Experimental Aircraft
Green Sky Adventures, Inc specializes in experimental aircraft propulsion systems. Green Sky can assist with Engine Firewall Forward, services, and many other detail items that builders often encounter near the completion of experimental or other project aircraft. Such services may include, but are not limited to: Completion or fabrication of mounts, exhaust systems, Induction systems, Fuel systems, Control systems, Electrical, Weight and Balance, Break-in sequences, licensing, test flights, debugging, flight reports, and other related services. Click HERE for a list of some current and past projects.