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Changes in Serial Production

  • Oct 1997 - May 1998 Version 1.  Recalled  -  Shipping of a production HKS engine took place during a seven month period approximately Nov 1997 through May 1998.  Production ended
    Dec 27, 1999, after 18 months, the shipments of the newly developed HKS-700e commenced. A program was initiated where by owners of the approximately 117 original engines were offered an opportunity to exchange their engines for the new production HKS-700e.  The new exchange engines were without Ignition, Carburetion, and Exhaust. Those required components were refitted from the exchange core engine by their owners or their agent. The exchange core engines became the property of HKS with assurance of return to HKS.
    Support,including technical and replacement parts for the original production ended at the end of the exchange program,
    Some owners did not fulfill their obligation with the core engine return, but rather sold or gifted to other individuals or companies. After 18 years some of these illicit engines have changed hands multiple times. Each exchange involves an unsuspecting buyer, an unscrupulous seller, and an engine which does not belong to either party.

  • Sr no 99030A and 99030B Mar 99 2 only, preproduction models of 700e
  • Sr 100300 Dec 1999 - Sr 100599 Mar 2001                         Recommended TBO 500 hr or 5 years. - Horizontal 9 and 3 o'clock exhaust port bolt  clocking. Diagonally spaced Intake Port bolt placement. Crankcase and Front Cover are not compatible with later serial   production.  If changing to later crankcase, front cover must also be changed.  Caution, gearbox oil delivery may not be compatible with later front cover.
  • Sr 100600 Dec 2002    Cylinder Head cooling fin configuration difference.  Clocking of exhaust port bolts changed from horizontal indexing. Clocking of intake port bolts changed from diagonal to through the port.  With SL 0801, Jan 2009, Recommended TBO increase to 8 years or 1000 hours affecting all 700E from Sr 100600
  • Sr 100756 - 100757 phase in of different Voltage Regulator requiring new harness if fitted to earlier engines.
  • Sr 100861 Introduction of improved valve lifer. ...has separate hardened button contact surface with cam. Previous lifter design no longer available
  • Sr 100895 Lifter Bore for this engine and below. 21.440 - 21.460 mm new limits. Wear limit 21.480
  • Sr 100896 Lifter Bore Change.  New Spec 21.414 - 21.434 mm.  Wear Limit 21.460
  • Sr 101105 First ASTM Compliance. ASTM standard 2339-05
  • Sr 101213 Crankshaft and Camshaft timing gears are keyed removing the likelihood of slippage. Crank and Cam are compatible with earlier versions from Sr 100300
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