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May 30, 2014 - There is a very limited qty of 700T available. Some used, some new. Please email requests.

HKS and Rotax Technical Services

Turbo Charged, Electronic Fuel Injection
Compare to Rotax 912
2 Cylinders 4-Stroke Engine With Horizontally Opposed Cylinders 4 Valves per Cylinder Turbocharger with Intercooler
Bore X Stroke
85mm x 62.5 mm (709CC - 43.28 cubic inches)
Compression Ratio 
8.8 : 1 
Power Output
77hp (57.4kw) at 4900rpm (continous) 
80hp (59.7kw) at 5300rpm (3min./Take off)
Maximum Torque
79.6 ft lb at 4600 - 5200 rpm
Torque Ratio - 1.84 lb/Cubic Inch
BMEP - 277.5 PSI  
Maximum RPM
500 hours (Expect higher TBO with fleet experience) 
Reduction Gear
Designation C-type 2.62:1 
Engine Weight (Dry, with Electric Starter, Fuel line with Injector, Exhaust Manifold, Intake Manifold, turbocharger, and Gearbox) 
126.8 lbs57.5 kg (57.5 kg)