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Feb 7 2014 - Production Discontinuance of HKS Aircraft Engines
Green Sky Adventures, Inc. has received from HKS Engine Distributor APSU, LLC, copy of a letter to APSU, LLC from HKS Japan. Unfortunately, this letter informs of the “Discontinuance of HKS Aircraft Engine Production” and termination of distribution relationships. Relevant exerts from that letter HERE 

HKS and Rotax Technical Services

Turbo Charged, Electronic Fuel Injection
Compare to Rotax 912
2 Cylinders 4-Stroke Engine With Horizontally Opposed Cylinders 4 Valves per Cylinder Turbocharger with Intercooler
Bore X Stroke
85mm x 62.5 mm (709CC - 43.28 cubic inches)
Compression Ratio 
8.8 : 1 
Power Output
77hp (57.4kw) at 4900rpm (continous) 
80hp (59.7kw) at 5300rpm (3min./Take off)
Maximum Torque
79.6 ft lb at 4600 - 5200 rpm
Torque Ratio - 1.84 lb/Cubic Inch
BMEP - 277.5 PSI  
Maximum RPM
500 hours (Expect higher TBO with fleet experience) 
Reduction Gear
Designation C-type 2.62:1 
Engine Weight (Dry, with Electric Starter, Fuel line with Injector, Exhaust Manifold, Intake Manifold, turbocharger, and Gearbox) 
126.8 lbs57.5 kg (57.5 kg)