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Propulsion Specialties Since 1984
             HKS-700T 80 HP TURBO         
HKS-700E 60 HP

Over $1 Million Fuel Savings
Jabiru HKS Rotax since 2004
HACman Mixture Control


Sept 01, 2014.
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Pricing: Engines and Parts
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HKS Technical Documents and Manuals

Don't get shut out on 700T there are used, and new available.


Team Turbo  Installations HERE
Zippy Sport turns 30 in 2013 - Check out how we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of 
The Dupont / Western Flyer ARV Design Contest with our historic aircraft HERE

HKS 700T The Shape of Things to Come 
- 80 HP 
- Turbo Charged
- Intercooled 
- Elec Fuel Injection 
- Sea Level Performance at
   15,000 ft!!! TurboTurbo
AeroLux Propellers

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MicroMong Home Page
Micro Mong 2XF
Airframe Kits $10,480 Less Engine
$22,264 With HKS 4 Stroke Engine, Prop, and Instruments
"The AeroLux prop could be the easiest "Bolt On" Power you'll ever find."
"There is no "Best" prop, but the AeroLux is as close as I've come"

High Precision Hub Makes for easy installation and set up.
Inlaid Metal Leading Edge Protection for Years of Durability
Available in Black, White, Red,and Blue
Pricing from $947  AEROLUX

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